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The impact of a team-oriented approach

At Kellogg, collaboration is integral to who we are and what we do. We believe that it is a strategic imperative for leaders in today’s interconnected, global economy.

When we talk about collaboration, we mean more than cooperation or consensus. At Kellogg, collaboration means working together to achieve well-defined, high-impact goals.

As a student, you will see how a collaborative approach will elevate your leadership development, expand your connections in the Kellogg network and enhance your professional skillset. You’ll experience our distinct team-oriented culture through a number of outlets.

Study groups

  • When you begin the Executive MBA Program, you will be assigned to a study group with four or five other students. You’ll remain with this group throughout the two-year program, working together to prepare for exams, complete projects, share perspectives and support one another.
  • Kellogg takes great care to select the right mix of students for each study group. Our goal is to form a well-balanced group that comprises leaders from diverse industries, geographies, backgrounds and functional areas.
  • Each of your teammates will bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table. That’s intentional. We want you to think of these study groups as a safe haven where you can rely on one another. Alumni often cite their peers as one of the most enriching parts of their education.
  • You will forge strong connections with your teammates after working closely with them for two years. In many cases, these relationships will last a lifetime.

Classroom learning

  • Our courses are designed to encourage frequent interaction and partnership with your classmates. Together, you’ll dissect case studies, debate topical business issues, engage in active discussion and swap perspectives.
  • Our faculty are not only engaging and thought-provoking inside the classroom, they are extremely accessible outside of class. Faculty members encourage an open exchange of ideas, experiences and perspectives, which enhances the coursework.
  • While in class, you’re encouraged to share any problems your organization is facing. Faculty and fellow students will be eager to contribute their ideas and opinions to help you pinpoint solutions.
  • Global Network Week enables you to experience the power of collaboration on a global level. Studying, working and conversing with business leaders from diverse geographies will undoubtedly expand your point of view and provide an invaluable learning experience.

Beyond the classroom

  • As a student, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with business leaders who are at the top of their fields. You’ll connect with other cohorts in the Executive MBA facilities, exchange ideas and learn from their diverse professional experiences.
  • Learn from engaging business leaders from a variety of backgrounds through the Executive MBA Program’s speaker series.
  • Upon graduation, you will find that Kellogg alumni continue to embrace a culture of collaboration. Our alumni are known for being exceptionally responsive and enthusiastic about supporting members of the Kellogg community.
At Kellogg, you must collaborate to succeed — an approach that leads to success outside the classroom as well.
Eris Thomas ’07

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