Sam Cirone — Kellogg Executive MBA Student Testimonial

As a 16-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, I decided to pursue an MBA in order to strengthen my leadership and managerial skills.

I also wanted to best position myself for a career in business should I ever decide to leave the force.

Knowing that the Executive MBA Program had never been ranked less than first, applying to Kellogg was an easy decision. In addition, the Kellogg curriculum, which stresses the importance of teamwork, leadership and business ethics particularly appealed to me.

I have already been able to apply many of the managerial and decision making tools I learned at Kellogg while on the job at the CPD. I am certain that I will carry with me the lessons I have learned, and the friendships I have made, well into the future.

Sam Cirone '09

Sergeant, Chicago Police Department

based in :

Chicago, Ill.

Campus attended :


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