I've observed firsthand that many of the world's greatest leaders rely on collaboration to generate and exchange ideas, and to achieve something aspirational.

As someone who advises corporate stewards and government leaders, it's important for me to understand the complexities of an ever-changing, interconnected world. So when I was considering business schools, I knew I needed a place where I could interact with professionals committed to better understanding the transforming world.

Kellogg is exactly that place. It fosters a culture built on collaboration. And it attracts engaged faculty and students who are driven by collective innovation.

Kellogg has helped me become a better version of myself. I came to the program experienced in writing speeches for notable politicians, government leaders and corporate titans, but I have been challenged by faculty to communicate messages with less words and more conviction. And even though I have helped Fortune 500 clients and government agencies achieve sustainable growth, the Kellogg community has pushed me to strive for higher standards of managerial excellence.

Here, business leaders learn how to influence culture, build businesses with entrepreneurial zeal and pioneer uncharted territories. Kellogg's collaborative environment encourages us to build something bigger than ourselves.

Michael Lee '12

Head of Communications, HP Enterprise Group, Hewlett-Packard

based in :

San Francisco, Calif.

Campus attended :


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