Brian Breslin — Kellogg Executive MBA Student Testimonial

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life.

When I was a kid, I sold candy and comic books. Today, I run a software development company.

About nine years ago, I started a non-profit called Refresh Miami to help connect other entrepreneurs and technologists in my area. At the time, I didn’t realize what I was building ­— its aspirations were purely social.

With an ever-increasing network at my disposal, I realized something was still missing in my professional career: a business education. I studied politics during my undergrad, so my business knowledge had all been self-taught. I needed to up my game and understand the finer nuances of business better if I was going to make a truly big impact in life and in work.

I was drawn to Kellogg first and foremost because of its reputation. I decided if I was going to go back to school, I needed to surround myself with the best possible students and professors. I wanted to learn from everyone around me ­— that’s why I chose the Executive MBA Program at Kellogg over other schools.

I’m still in the first half of my EMBA program, but many things have already resonated with me. I’ve found myself tackling problems differently, approaching strategy at work differently, and equally importantly, I’ve seen my people skills grow. I’ve already begun implementing new strategies for pricing, marketing and leadership in my business and in my non-profit work. This means I’ll be seeing an ROI before I’m even done with my EMBA, a feat largely unheard of in any full-time programs.

The best part about Kellogg is that I’ve found a group of peers who all genuinely care. They care about each other, about Kellogg, and about having a positive impact in the community.

Brian Breslin '16

Founder, Refresh Miami

based in:

Miami, Fla.

Campus attended:


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