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Test global business concepts on growing economies 

Our emerging markets courses invite you to study developing economies on a deeper level. The newest suite of electives offered in the Executive MBA (EMBA) Program, these courses examine key trends and topical issues relevant to specific industries and countries.

The courses kick off with classroom study led by Kellogg faculty experts, where you’ll gain foundational knowledge about the countries and topics at hand. Next, you’ll travel abroad to investigate those markets’ issues, pressures, and trends; you’ll visit the region’s leading businesses, study at local universities and meet with top business leaders in the area. To help you gain the greatest value from this immersive experience, the course will culminate in a self-led research project on a topic of your choice.



This experiential learning course focuses on technology trends in emerging markets. It examines three key technology domains (offshore outsourcing, mobile devices, and cloud services) and technology ecosystems, emphasizing the most prominent Indian technology cluster in Bangalore. Through class sessions in Miami and Evanston and a field trip to India, students develop a deep understanding of key technology trends and their impact on global business while gaining firsthand experience with technology companies in emerging markets.


It seems that every country and major city in the world is trying to become the next Silicon Valley. The focus is on building an ‘ecosystem’ that will stimulate innovation and create jobs through increased entrepreneurship. There are many theories and strategies on how to build a successful ecosystem that effectively integrates seed and venture capital, accelerators and incubators, universities, government, corporations and other entities in the business community. Why do some countries and cities achieve this while others do not? We will explore this question in class, then visit some of the most successful new technology ecosystems in Latin America. Students will engage with leaders that have created these new ecosystems by interviewing entrepreneurs and investors to learn more about the current opportunities and challenges they are facing.


Social Impact is a joint EMBA-Full-Time MBA course examining the unique challenges of designing business models that create positive societal or environmental impact. During the course, students gain broad exposure to a variety of organizations around the world deliberately designed for social impact, and analyze how and where financial return is compatible with social return. The class also offers the opportunity to look in-depth at the social challenges and market opportunities in South Africa. Students work as a team on a consulting project with a nonprofit organization, selling a portfolio of products intended to create positive social impact, and travel to South Africa to conduct field research and interviews and meet leading social impact organizations.

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