After you submit your application to Kellogg:

1. The admissions committee will evaluate your candidacy for the program.
The committee will look at your work experience, academic history, recommendations, company sponsorship, interview and the application itself. Most important, however, is your work experience, including work history and current role and responsibilities. (We require that you have at least 8-10 years of work experience.)

2. We will notify you of the admissions decision via regular mail.
Typically, your application will be reviewed after we receive your complete application with all supporting materials, including letters of recommendation and transcripts, and your interview has taken place. Once this is complete, our admissions committee renders decisions on a rolling basis.

Note: If you’ve been admitted to another program and require a quicker response from Kellogg, please contact the Executive MBA Admissions team at We will ask you to scan and email a copy of your acceptance letter from the program you have been admitted to and we will reply giving you an estimated time when your application review can be completed. 

Deadlines & Notifications


September Start

ROUND ONE – April 25, 2018

ROUND TWO – June 1, 2018

January Start

ROUND ONE – August 22, 2018

ROUND TWO – October 10, 2018