Marcia Head ’86

Marcia Head

Marcia Head ’86


Marcia Head ’86 began her career in the financial services industry, spending time in both Boston and Chicago. Yet she earned her undergraduate degree in psychology and always knew in the back of her mind that it was this more introspective field that excited her.

“I was interested in working with people and making a difference,” she says. Now living in Boston, Head is a psychotherapist with her own practice.

Head majored in finance and accounting at Kellogg but had an appetite for a variety of subjects. “The organizational behavior classes I took at Kellogg along with my career in financial services really positioned me to help people.”

Head says she realizes that there is not one path for Kellogg graduates. “My time at Kellogg has really benefited me. There are a lot of female social workers in Boston, and I found that going to Kellogg differentiated me,” Head says.

She learned early on in her career in social work that the nonprofit world is eager for someone with experience in balance sheets and income statements. In one of her first positions as a clinician, she not only helped families in the Boston area manage their mental health challenges, but also worked with the clinic to improve its productivity, hiring, and onboarding processes.

A pianist in her spare time, Head currently sits on five boards, including one at a music school where she serves as treasurer. She recognizes that she likely would not have had such an opportunity without the Kellogg experience.

Head continues to support the school. “Kellogg was such a great experience for me, something that I’ve carried with me. I want to contribute in a way that will help the school become as diverse and inclusive as possible. I hope to help attract students that might not otherwise be able to attend,” she added. Head directs her generosity to the Lakeside Scholars Program, where donors pool together their gifts to provide scholarship support with maximum flexibility to reach as many students as possible.

“While my education at Kellogg didn’t train me for exactly what I am doing now, the skills and knowledge I gained have worked for me ever since. The creativity and collaboration that Kellogg stressed is something that I will always value,” Head says. “A Kellogg education doesn’t have to be for someone who ends up working in a big corporation or in private equity or consulting. The education itself was valuable then and continues to be today, even though I haven’t used my degree the way most graduates do. A Kellogg education opens doors to all kinds of careers.”