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Kellogg's Career Management Center announced ninety-six percent of the Full-Time Class of 2016 received an offer by three months post-graduation.

Full-Time MBA Employment Report

Offers, acceptances and salaries across diverse industries rise again for Kellogg’s Full-Time MBA students

Employer demand coupled with distinctive student talent drove strong employment outcomes

By Heather Blaha

11/3/2016 - Ninety-six percent of the Full-Time Class of 2016 received an offer by three months post-graduation, as reported by Kellogg’s Career Management Center (CMC), with a median starting salary of $125,000.

“Kellogg students demonstrate a balanced and dynamic skillset that employers seek,” said Matt Merrick, associate dean of MBA operations. “With foundational skills in data analytics and business operations, organizations benefit from their multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. As growth-minded leaders, they exhibit an emotional intelligence that motivates teams and has a lasting impact on an organization’s success.”

Demand for Kellogg talent remains high across a diverse range of employers, geographies and industries. Top industries include consulting (33%), tech (22%), CPG (14%) and finance (13%).

"Talent from Kellogg is innovative, strategic and has a strong general management background," added Lisa Axelrod, recruiting director, The Boston Consulting Group. "They are able to analyze data well, drawing on rigorous classroom training and practical experience.”

Kellogg’s industry-leading CMC provides customized support for students, whether they are going through traditional on-campus recruiting or an off-campus “just in time” search. For example, of the 22 percent of Kellogg students who took jobs in the technology industry this year, about half got jobs through on-campus recruiting and the other half through a more individualized search in close partnership with the CMC.

FTMBA Employment Report