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Minerva Capital Group Founder and CEO Jocelyn Cortez-Young '07 spoke with Kellogg for the third in a series spotlighting alumni who have stimulated growth in their organizations, teams and markets

Jocelyn Cortez-Young '07

Growth Solutions: Jocelyn Cortez-Young ’07

Minerva Capital Founder and CEO pivots Latin American markets

By Glenn Jeffers

2/26/2015 - Editor's note: In this new series, the Kellogg School spotlights members of the Kellogg community who have stimulated growth in their teams, organizations and markets.

As founder and CEO of the Miami-based impact investment firm Minerva Capital Group, Jocelyn Cortez-Young understands what it takes to drive and change a market at the same time.

As she invests in small- and middle-sized companies in countries like Mexico, providing the innovation that will lead to growth, Cortez-Young also looks to advance the careers in women and underrepresented populations. In fact, a few of Minerva’s mandates to companies include management teams that are 20 percent female and 20 hours of training monthly.

“Most investment firms either are in the philanthropy area... or in the for-profit space,” she says. “We’re creating a new space.”

Cortez-Young sat down and spoke with Kellogg about impact investing, social guidelines and the challenges of growing businesses in Latin America.

Investing in Latin America: Jocelyn Cortez-Young '07

The challenge of investing in Latin America: Jocelyn Cortez-Young '07

Tips on growth: Jocelyn Cortez-Young '07

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