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Ford Motor Company Executive Vice President and President, The Americas, Joe Hinrichs addresses leadership topics ranging from work-life balance to managing those who are more experienced than you.

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Joe Hinrichs of Ford Motor Company shares how positivity accelerates career growth and builds strong leaders

Untitled Document Joe Hinrichs, Executive Vice President and President, The Americas, Ford Motor Company paid a special visit to Kellogg and sat down with Greg Hanifee, Associate Dean of Executive MBA Programs. They discussed the challenges of leadership in a global business, developing a personal leadership philosophy and inspiring growth in team members.

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Video 1: Balancing productivity and quality
  • Productivity and quality influence each other greatly, but both improve when anxiety is taken out of the workplace.

Video 2: The most important career competency
  • As managers rise in their careers, they should never forget it's a privilege to serve those who work for them.

Video 3: Change management
  • Organizational relationships are among the most important investments leaders can make. They help establish the trust that allows executives to steer companies through tough times with their teams' support.

Video 4: Work-life balance
  • Don't make the mistake of not spending enough time with loved ones or neglecting a hobby. Find ways to stay connected on both the home and work fronts.

Video 5: Managing those who are more experienced than you
  • Earn your employees' trust by acting in their best interests — and keeping your word.