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Professor Leigh Thompson's new video series shows team members and leaders how to improve their collaboration skills.

Teamwork collaboration skills

Videos: Teamwork 101

Build a foundation for better collaboration with Prof. Thompson's four-video series

Untitled Document A team is only as strong as its people — and its leader. Professor Leigh Thompson created the Teamwork 101 series to improve individuals' leadership skills so they can maximize the strength in their numbers whether they're in the boardroom or brainstorming with the group.

Each of the four video toolboxes provides step-by-step best practices and strategies for building strong teams, examples, cases and the research behind each set of recommendations.

Teamwork 101 Syllabus:
Toolbox 1: Designing teams for success
  • Use the Tuckman model of teamwork as your guide to create a cohesive team.

Toolbox 2 - Optimizing team decision making
  • Learn how to build evidence-based leadership skills, be scientific when negotiating solutions, lead without bias, encourage disrupters and determine when it's time to move from analysis to action.

Toolbox 3: People skills and emotional intelligence
  • Learn how emotional intelligence informs how different team members manage conflict and the effect that has on the group.

Toolbox 4 - Creativity and innovation in teams
  • Learn how brainstorming, brainwriting, interlopers and deviation from the norm spark a team's creativity.