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Boeing Chairman and CEO Jim McNerney shares his leadership lessons with Dean Sally Blount '92 at a Brave Leader Series event on Nov. 18.

Dean Sally Blount '92 and Boeing CEO Jim McNerney

Variety at the helm

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney shared the lessons he learned from a career that’s covered spaceships and office supplies

By Paul Dailing

11/21/2014 - In his career, Boeing Chairman and CEO Jim McNerney has led companies that make everything from spaceships to Post-It Notes.

McNerney shared lessons from that wide and varied career with Dean Sally Blount ’92 and a packed hall of Kellogg students during the Brave Leader Series, a discussion that ranged from managing stakeholders to focusing a corporate vision.

Watch clips from McNerney’s Nov. 18 talk below below or watch the entire playlist on Kellogg's YouTube channel.

McNerney on putting in the work

McNerney on corporate values

McNerney on personal growth

McNerney on earning your title

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