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Nielsen Chief Marketing Officer Marcella Shinder addressed more than 100 marketing executives gathered to discuss strategies for harnessing digital disruption at the 2014 Marketing Leadership Summit.

Nielsen Chief Marketing Officer Marcella Shinder

How to outsmart disruption

Watch three leading executives share their advice at the 2014 Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit

By Kate Proto

10/28/2014 - How can today’s business leaders leverage the lessons of digital disruption to exceed market growth? That’s the question posed by leaders of Kellogg’s fourth Marketing Leadership Summit co-sponsored by Egon Zehnder, McKinsey & Company and the Kellogg Markets and Customers Initiative.

The New York Times Company’s Meredith Levien kicked off the discussion by advocating for an urgent and enterprise-wide approach to reinvention: “Gradualism and half-measures will kill us. The [best companies] get the “jeopardy factor” – they worry about oblivion every day.”

Watch the following videos to learn how to outsmart disruption in your own organization.

"The Four Keys to Heading off Disruption" | David Edelman, McKinsey & Co.

"From companies’ perspectives, there are four fundamental things that are changing at a rapid pace: information, content, transparency and speed."

"Digital Disruption: Opportunity or Threat" | Davide Grasso, Nike Inc.

"We see the disruption that digital brings to our industry, or any industry, as an opportunity. You can either see disruption as an opportunity, or as a threat. At the end of the day it’s a choice."

"Placing your Bets in the Age of Disruption" | Lorraine Chow Hansen, PepsiCo

“If we try to do everything, it’s crippling. If we choose to do nothing, we’re going to be left in oblivion.”

"Find Your Focus: Asking the Right Questions to Uncover Customer Needs" | David Edelman, McKinsey & Co.

“Technology is useless if it’s not solving a customer need.”

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