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New courses provide an immersive, analytical look into some of today’s most pressing global business issues.

Senior associate dean to lead business school as search for permanent dean continues

Summit brings together more than 800 alumnae, faculty and students for robust discussion on challenges women face.

Dean Sally Blount ’92 honored Roslyn M. Brock ’99, Ann M. Drake ’84 and Richard H. Lenny ’77

Experiential courses and individualized co-curricular programming provide the launch pad students need to tackle big issues

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From left: 2013 Kellogg Leadership Award winners (all ’13) Sam Sung and Samir Mayekar – Innovation Award, Brad Butler – Impact Award, Giovanni Gallo – BLC President, Jackie Endres – Brand Ambassador Award and Amanda Grey – Leadership Excellence Award.

Five students, Professor Tim Calkins recognized at annual award ceremony

And the award goes to …

Five students, Professor Tim Calkins recognized at annual award ceremony

6/12/2013 - As the academic year drew to a close, Kellogg students, faculty and staff gathered at the Donald P. Jacobs Center on Friday to celebrate their community. Starting at 5:15 p.m. in the OLC, three Kellogg traditions recognized outstanding contributions from students and faculty.

The L.G. Lavengood Outstanding Professor of the Year Award
Students in Class of 2013 voted Tim Calkins the L.G. Lavengood Professor of the Year . Students have been choosing professors of the year since 1975, and the award was re-named in the mid-1990s for Professor Lawrence Lavengood, a 40-year veteran of the school — and a perennial favorite among students.

Calkins, a clinical professor of marketing, has won numerous teaching awards in his tenure at Kellogg. Also an author and consultant, Calkins is the driving force behind Kellogg’s popular Super Bowl Ad Review.

Class gift
With 96 percent of students participating, the Class of 2013 raised $81,637 for their class gift. The total includes a matching gift of $10,000 from Clinical Professor of Management and Strategy Harry Kraemer, which he contributed once the students had reached their initial goal of $65,000.

The 28-student class gift committee was co-chaired by Amanda Grey, Briel Steinberg, Genia Chechersky and Markus Scott (all ’13).

2013 Kellogg Leadership Awards
Five graduating students were recognized with Kellogg’s highest student honors, the Kellogg Leadership Awards.
• Kellogg Leadership Excellence Award: Amanda Grey ’13
• Kellogg Innovation Award: Samir Mayekar and Sam Sung (both ’13)
• Kellogg Social Impact Award: Brad Butler ’13
• Kellogg Brand Ambassador Award: Jackie Endres ’13

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