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The Kellogg curriculum is adept at responding to trends in business and society — and anticipating what’s next. This winter quarter, we added several new courses.

Faculty perspective

Faculty perspective

New courses at Kellogg this winter are great additions to an already strong curriculum.

3/1/2013 - Like business practice in the world at large, the Kellogg curriculum never stops evolving. Winter quarter at Kellogg brought a slate of exciting new courses, so we asked our faculty to talk about why these subjects are great additions to an already strong curriculum. Here’s what they told us.

Entrepreneurial Tools for Digital Marketing
“With more and more students starting businesses right out of school, they need to be conversant in the language of digital marketers. They need to understand the trade-offs between SEO and SEM, how to construct A/B tests, how social media can be leveraged to get customers. Almost every business today has a digital component or online presence, and this class helps you learn how to leverage it.”
Troy Henikoff
Adjunct Lecturer of Marketing

Entrepreneurial Selling: Business to Business
“An entrepreneur is really only an entrepreneur when someone agrees to "buy" his or her idea. So that means the message, the story needs to be right, the art of discovery needs to be learned and practiced, and the credibility and trust to challenge the status quo needs to be gained and put into practice. That is what this class is about, and why it is so important.”
John Aiello
Adjunct Lecturer of Marketing

Leader as Coach
"Studies show that to be a great leader, you have to know how to motivate and develop your team. They also show that many people tasked with leading teams aren't very good at motiving others. My students will learn the skill and art of having an effective coaching conversation — to motivate others to develop, solve problems, create opportunities and improve performance — and deepen their personal insights about leadership. After they've completed this course, they'll be eligible to take the Leader As Coach Practicum, where they'll coach other student leaders at Northwestern."
Brenda Ellington-Booth
Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations

Innovation Lab
Linda Darrah
“More than ever, students are interested in a career path in entrepreneurship. In addition, new technologies and insights into launching businesses have led to a whole new way of teaching entrepreneurship. The Innovation Lab brings these new methodologies to Kellogg. The ultimate goal is for students to learn how to test a business concept and understand how to develop a sustainable business model. The business concept that they first bring into class may quickly change or fail, but they will gain valuable insights on how to launch their next business.”
Linda Darragh
Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice
Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative

Entrepreneurship and New Business Formation
“All too quickly, new entrepreneurs rush to build businesses without taking the time to properly develop the right offer for the right customer. Getting this equation wrong can prove to be an expensive and sometimes business-killing mistake for startups. This class takes a very hands-on approach to business model design. It stresses the importance of developing hypotheses and then getting out in the world to test them.”
David Schonthal
Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurship & Innovation