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From left to right, Kellogg Leadership Award winners Collin West ’12, Saloni Doshi ’12, Shannon Holly ’12 and Ben Hernandez ’13.

From left to right, Kellogg Leadership Award winners Collin West ’12, Saloni Doshi ’12, Shannon Holly ’12 and Ben Hernandez ’13

2012 Kellogg Leadership Awards

Four students are honored for embodying Kellogg’s highest ideals

By Cheryl SooHoo

6/8/2012 - Just as there’s no “I” in team, there’s no “I” in leader either.

That spirit of collaboration was clearly evident when the Kellogg Leadership Award winners were announced at a celebration event on June 1, the last official day of class.

Nominated by their peers from the Classes of 2012 and 2013, Saloni Doshi ’12, Ben Hernandez ’13, Shannon Holly ’12 and Collin West ’12 were honored for embodying the school’s highest ideals. They were recognized in four categories: leadership excellence, innovation, social impact, and “Thinking Bravely” to build the Kellogg brand.

“It was humbling to look around the auditorium and see so many students who have had such a significant impact on Kellogg,” said Holly, winner of the Leadership Excellence Award. “Many of our successes are a product of the whole community’s efforts.”

The selection committee received more than 100 nominations. Student leaders, faculty, administrators and alumni selected the winners.

The awards are overseen by the Kellogg Business Leadership Club’s Leadership Recognition Committee, in partnership with the Kellogg Student Association and the Kellogg School administration.

Leadership Excellence: Shannon Holly ’12
The Kellogg Leadership Excellence Award recognizes graduating students who have gone above and beyond to leave a lasting impact on the Kellogg community through their leadership efforts. They demonstrate clear integrity and possess the ability to inspire, communicate vision, build trust and develop others. 

Shannon Holly ’12 took on tremendous leadership responsibilities from the get-go upon arriving at Northwestern. While a Kellogg Student Association representative during her first year, she also planned the Conceptual Issues in Management (CIM) program for the next year’s incoming class and organized an information session on Kellogg’s One-Year MBA Program during the Day at Kellogg event for admitted students.

In addition, Holly worked to transform the first-year curriculum and overall student experience in ways that would support Kellogg’s continued growth and advancement in the rankings.  She was also a writer and actress for the Special K student comedy revue, lead singer for the “Rocket Pockets” band, and winner of the Kellogg Marketing competition.
“She is one of the most inspiring leaders I’ve ever known,” a nominator wrote. “She is so positive, humble and giving. She is the epitome of a collaborative leader.”

Innovation: Ben Hernandez ’13
The Kellogg Innovation Award recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding contributions in the area of innovation. They have created or improved a product or process, applied a concept in a new way, redesigned a system, or in other ways displayed inventiveness. 

Ben Hernandez ’13 exemplifies what one of his nominators described as the innovative and entrepreneurial know-how to develop the “kind of disruptive technology that can really change the world.”

As CEO of NuMat Technologies, a nanotech startup comprised of Northwestern students and faculty, Hernandez led his team to win $100,000 in the student division of the Clean Energy Challenge. NuMat won an additional $10,000 for giving the best student pitch from Illinois. This summer the team will participate in a nationwide competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

“Winning this award serves as a powerful validation of the sacrifices my team has made,” said Hernandez. “In many ways, NuMAT is a product of what makes Northwestern and Kellogg special —fostering a collaborative spirit that can be applied to innovative endeavors.”

Social Impact: Saloni Doshi ’12
The Kellogg Social Impact Award recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding initiative, leadership and service by championing endeavors that lead to profound and lasting social impact.

Saloni Doshi ’12has been involved in myriad social impact projects — applying to each her dedication to making a difference by merging profit-driven business with benefits to society. 

During her time at Kellogg, she worked with faculty member Jamie Jones to establish the first NUVention: Innovate for Impact class. Working with Kellogg’s social entrepreneurship incubator, HUB 561, Doshi brought together a number of local social entrepreneurs to share their experiences. As president of the Sustainable Business Club, she organized a speaker series on campus, contributed to Green Week and helped manage the Net Impact Conference.

Additionally, she and classmate Chelsea Katz ’12 formed Fresh Takes Kitchen, a business aimed at improving health and wellness in low-income communities. Their business plan for the startup won the $80,000 Kellogg Social Entrepreneurship Award. Doshi and Katz plan to pursue the venture full time after graduation.

“Receiving this award is an amazing reminder of the progress Kellogg has made in this space,” said Doshi. “Kellogg is on its way to being a unique leader among business schools in social innovation.”

Thinking Bravely: Collin West ’12
The Thinking Bravely – Kellogg Building the Brand Award recognizes students who serve as ambassadors, building the Kellogg brand externally and demonstrating Kellogg’s core values in their curricular and extracurricular activities.

Collin West ’12 has demonstrated the willingness to explore all that he and Kellogg can be.

As head of alumni initiatives for the Kellogg Student Association, West led a diverse team of students to pursue initiatives to engage alumni and expand their connection to Kellogg. A 2010 Crossfit World Games competitor, he brought his passion for wellness and fitness to Kellogg and created a crossfit club to inspire others to pursue healthier lives.

Additionally, he earned a prestigious Kauffman fellowship — an honor reserved for the world’s most promising venture investors. Finally, he is a member of a four-person team (including Kellogg classmate Paul Ridley ’12) that will set sail soon for a rowing adventure across the Arctic — a feat no one has ever achieved.

“This award is a huge compliment,” said West. “I would not have had these opportunities without the support of the inspiring Kellogg environment and especially my fellow students.”