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The enlarged campus will include a new classroom with stadium seating, 11 study-group rooms and an alumni center open to all Kellogg and Northwestern alumni.

Kellogg's Miami campus continues to expand

Kellogg's Miami campus continues to expand

Surging interest in the school’s Executive MBA Program leads Kellogg to make room for new students

By Daniel P. Smith

9/7/2011 - For Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, the sun in Miami is shining brighter.

As the city embraces its global role, Kellogg’s Miami-based program has become increasingly attractive to students seeking a premier monthly executive MBA program. The interest has spurred the school to expand its Miami campus for the second time in less than five years.

To meet the rising demand for the program, the Kellogg School has added 10,000 square feet to its Miami facilities. The enlarged campus includes an oval-shaped classroom with stadium seating, 11 study-group rooms, an expanded faculty lounge, and an alumni center open to all Kellogg and Northwestern alumni.

“This expansion is a tangible testament of the success of our operation,” said Carolina Piña, associate director of the Miami campus.

Kellogg established its Coral Gables campus in 2006, and the program grew quickly. Two years later, the Miami Executive MBA Program expanded for the first time and moved into a larger space.

Miami students traditionally have begun the two-year program in January, and now the school will welcome a fall cohort as well. Thirty-five new students began their EMBA studies in Miami in September.

Miami EMBA students travel to Miami once a month to attend classes and in-person tutorials and to work in study groups. They also attend four intensive “Live-In” weeks over the course of two years. With the launch of the new September cohort, first- and second-year students will enjoy a variety of opportunities, such as Global Electives Week, to interact.

“It’s going to be even better in terms of networking and leveraging connections,” Piña said.

Kellogg is the only top business school with a presence in the southeastern United States. About 30 percent of all Miami students travel from outside the U.S. to attend the program. Many of these international students hail from Peru, Colombia and Chile, and some travel from as far as the United Kingdom.