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Schaffner Award winner Frederick “Rick” Waddell ’79, chairman, CEO and director of the Northern Trust Corporation, was among those honored at the annual Kellogg Awards ceremony April 29.

Schaffner Award winner Frederick “Rick” Waddell ’79, chairman, CEO and director of the Northern Trust Corporation

Bestowing gratitude

Alumni Awards honor alumni and community supporters of the Kellogg School

By Amy Trang

5/10/2010 - The success of the Kellogg School wouldn’t be possible without the support of numerous alumni and friends. Giving their time and expertise, these business leaders help enrich the student experience as well as advance the mission of the school.

The school recognized some of these leaders at the annual Kellogg Awards ceremony April 29 in Evanston. Organized by the Kellogg Alumni Council and the Office of Alumni Relations, the dinner honored a number of Kellogg graduates and friends, along with 22 alumni who were inducted into the honorary Pete Henderson Society.

The Schaffner Award

Established in 1984, the Schaffner Award honors preeminent alumni who have provided outstanding service to the Kellogg School.

Schaffner Award winner Avi Nash ’81 (left) with Robert Korajczyk, the Harry G. Guthmann Professor of Finance
Schaffner Award winner Avi Nash ’81 (left) with Robert Korajczyk, the Harry G. Guthmann Professor of Finance
Photo © Chris Guillen
Avi Nash ’81
has had a long and fruitful career in the chemical industry sector. Nash’s firm, Avi Nash LLC, is an advisory firm focused on chemical industry mergers, acquisitions and strategy. Its clientele includes chemical industry leaders worldwide. Nash also headed Goldman Sachs’ global chemical industry group for nearly 15 years, building the firm’s chemical franchise.

Nash is a loyal supporter of Kellogg and the school’s Asset Management Practicum, which allows students to get hands-on asset management experience by investing a portion of the school’s endowment. He is a guest lecturer for the program and one of its founding sponsors.

“He is always asking the students to think more deeply about the problems that they are talking about,” said Robert Korajczyk, the Harry G. Guthmann Professor of Finance, who presented Nash with the award. “With Avi’s support and counsel, the Asset Management Practicum in its three short years of life has already made a very tangible contribution to the student experience at Kellogg.”

Nash said Kellogg his Kellogg experience left a lasting impression on him. “This is a great school and always will remain an absolutely phenomenal great school,” he said.

Frederick “Rick” Waddell ’79, chairman, CEO and director of the Northern Trust Corporation, also was honored with the Schaffner Award. Waddell has served in many roles with Northern Trust, including head of the corporate and institutional services business unit, president and chief operating officer.

Chopra said Waddell has been generous in sharing his extensive experiences with students, as well as being a prime example of “servant leadership” at Northern Trust.

Waddell also is on the board of numerous organizations, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He is also a trustee of Northwestern University.

“He understands the importance of giving back to the community, to his team and to Kellogg,” Chopra said.

Waddell said the school’s focus on teamwork has helped him in his career.

“The emphasis on teamwork is a huge differentiator for Kellogg,” he said. “In today’s complex global business, there is no one individual that gets it all done. It’s teams, people working together who get the work done.”

The Alumni Service Award

The Kellogg Alumni Service Award recognizes graduates who have promoted Kellogg throughout the world and are dedicated to the continued progress of the Kellogg School and its community. These alumni have demonstrated their intention to maintain a lifelong friendship with Kellogg.

Interim Dean Sunil Chopra (left) with Alumni Service Award winner
Interim Dean Sunil Chopra (left) with Alumni Service Award winner Steven G. Elliott ’71
Photo © Chris Guillen
Steven G. Elliott ’71
is the senior vice chairman of BNY Mellon, the corporate brand for The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, and is responsible for the company’s corporate affairs and marketing. He also is a certified public accountant and is on the boards of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and the UPMC Health System.

Chopra praised Elliott for hosting events for potential and admitted Kellogg students, which are a significant “touchpoint” for students who are considering the school. Elliott also serves on Kellogg’s capital campaign committee to help the school reach its critical fundraising goals.

“The fun part comes in giving back to the school, giving back to the students and seeing the next generations who come through the institution,” Elliott said.

Friends of the Kellogg School of Management

This award honors individuals who, though not graduates of Kellogg, have loyally served Kellogg over the years. These recipients have often served as partners in conferences, student programs, executive education and/or recruiting.

Leonard H. Lavin, recipient of the Friends of the Kellogg School of Management Award
Leonard H. Lavin, recipient of the Friends of the Kellogg School of Management Award
Photo © Chris Guillen
Although they are not Kellogg graduates, father-daughter duo Leonard H. Lavin and Carol Lavin Bernick have contributed a great deal of time and expertise to the Kellogg School, serving on the Dean’s Advisory Board as well as establishing the Bernice and Leonard Lavin Professorship.

“A telling indicator of Kellogg’s unique culture is the partnership of so many wonderful people who themselves are not Kellogg graduates, but who work with us to advance our mission,” said Liz Livingston Howard, associate director of the Center for Nonprofit Management.

Recognized as an advertising innovator, Lavin is the founder, chairman emeritus and a director of the Alberto-Culver Company. Lavin also is a lifetime trustee of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the University of Chicago Cancer Research Center, as well as a member of the Junior Achievement and the Museum of Science and Industry boards.

Lavin Bernick, meanwhile, is the executive chairman of the board for the Alberto Culver Company, and has also served as vice chairman and director. She is also a founder of The Friends of Prentice, as well as a board member of Northwestern Healthcare and a vice chairman of the board at Tulane University. At Kellogg, Lavin Bernick is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board and contributed a chapter to the book Kellogg on Branding.
“We truly pride this family connection among Carol, Leonard and Peter (Bernick ’09) and Kellogg,” said Livingston Howard. “They’ve truly been part of our Kellogg family for a long time.”

Wade Fetzer Award

The award recognizes outstanding service and loyalty to the school and its advisory board. The award is named in honor of the Kellogg Alumni Advisory Board’s first president, Wade Fetzer, who graduated from Kellogg in 1961 and was dedicated to supporting the mission of Kellogg and Northwestern University.

Dean Roxanne Hori (left) congratulates Kenneth Chalmers ’51, recipient of the Wade Fetzer Award
Dean Roxanne Hori (left) congratulates Kenneth Chalmers ’51, recipient of the Wade Fetzer Award
Photo © Chris Guillen
Roxanne Hori used several words to describe Wade Fetzer Award recipient Kenneth Chalmers ’51.

“Gentleman. Classy. Gracious. Supportive,” said Hori, the assistant dean and director of the Career Management Center, also citing Chalmers as generous in his time as a member of the Kellogg Alumni Council and in Kellogg’s Executive in Residence program at the Career Management Center.

Chalmers is a consultant and a director of Dover Motorsports Inc. and Dover Downs Gaming and Entertainment Inc. With more than 40 years in the financial industry, Chalmers also served as the former executive vice president of Continental Bank Corporation and its successor, Bank of America, along with numerous other roles.

With his extensive finance career, he’s been very active in offering real-world advice to students and giving them guidance and direction in their careers, Hori said.

“He has a tremendous sense of caring about what the school is doing and how the community can support all the people connected during the downturn,” she said.

Alumni Club Awards

The Alumni Club Awards were established to recognize exceptional individuals and organizations in the Kellogg Alumni Network that lead and promote the growth of the Kellogg community.

Assistant Dean and Director of Alumni Relations Janet Sanders praised the Kellogg Alumni Club of New York for revitalizing itself from a nearly dormant state nearly 18 months ago. Led by a four-person executive team and 12 committees, the club — the recipient of the Kellogg Alumni Club Award of Excellence — has developed a variety of programs that attract many tri-state area alumni, Sanders said.

“They have engaged alumni professionally, intellectually and personally in a manner that is completely consistent with the Kellogg School’s unique spirit and culture,” she said.

The club has been more strategic in hosting events to attract members, providing “broad and deep content” that appeal to a wide range of alumni audiences but also providing targeted, niche events that specifically cater to alumni’s specific interests, Sanders said.

“Considering where we were 18 months ago, it’s a great honor,” said club co-president Glenn Shapiro '98, also thanking members of the Kellogg School administration and staff who collaborated with New York alumni to reenergize the club.

Kellogg Alumni Club Volunteer of the Year

Sanders described Alumni Club Volunteer of the Year Patrick Thompson ’06 as someone who is “capable, collaborative and always gets it done.”

Thompson, co-president of the Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago, has given significant time and energy to reenergize the Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago, helping connect members of Kellogg’s largest alumni community with each other and the school, Sanders said.

Thompson is a financial adviser at UBS Financial Services Inc. and also has served in roles at Winona Capital management and Northern Trust.

“It was done because we had great people working together for a great cause,” Thompson said.

Inductees to the Pete Henderson Society

As a professor of management and dean of administration at Kellogg from 1971 to 1981, Kenneth “Pete” Henderson played a key role in strengthening the school’s connection with Chicago’s business community and establishing the school’s collaborative culture. The Pete Henderson Society honors alumni and friends of the school who, in the spirit of Henderson’s generosity and dedication, have helped make Kellogg a leader in management education.

Philip E. Arnold ’67
Patricia B. Bloomfield ’82
Rose Mary Clyburn ’84
Scott E. Crist ’90
Scott H. Filstrup ’67
Mark A. Fuller ’83
Mukesh Gangwal ’84
Kathryn L. Guthrie ’86
Radcliffe Hastings ’77
James Hofheimer ’02
Donald Kane ’82
Steven Kerr ’78
Richard Kiley ’83
Robert C. Knuepfer Jr. ’78
Joseph C. Lane ’66
Pamela Forbes Lieberman ’90
Matthew Birkelund McCall ’91
R. Frederick McCoy ’81
Douglas Warshauer ’94
Earl Eugene Webb ’81
Charles D. Weinles ’94
Edmund J. Wilson ’84