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Kellogg welcomes people from all walks of life, and we’re proud to have this reflected in our student body. We encourage our students to engage with one another through thoughtful programming and respectful dialogue to continue learning how to lead diverse teams. 

This year’s Faith Week was hosted by five faith-based student-led clubs, including the Kellogg Christian Fellowship, Catholics@Kellogg, Muslims@Kellogg, the Latter-Day Saint Student Association and the Jewish Business Association, planning a wide range of activities and events. The purpose of the week is to raise awareness, drive conversation and promote understanding of all faiths represented on campus while creating opportunities for the broader Kellogg community to explore and engage with different faith traditions and people of those faiths. 

A few key events throughout the week included “Faith, Family, and Career: How to live a Values-Based Life” with Professor Harry Kraemer and an Interfaith “Hear My Story” session exploring what it means to be a person of faith and how one’s understanding of faith evolves over years.  

Below, members from each of the hosting student clubs share personal reflections on the role their faith plays at Kellogg and our inclusive campus community: 

 Bushra Amiwala ’25 MBA, Muslims@Kellogg first-year director

“One of the pillars of Islam that resonates with me is the ideology of charitable giving, which includes the saying give with the right hand, so the left-hand doesn't know what was given, which ties into the values of a Kellogg leader: to be high impact, low ego.” — Bushra Amiwala ’25 MBA, Muslims@Kellogg first-year director 

Emmanuel Adu-Darko ’23 MBA, Kellogg Christian Fellowship student leader

“The core message of Christianity is the message of the Cross — which is a message of love, sacrifice, forgiveness, humility and grace. Nothing resonates more deeply with the values that govern the Kellogg community. When we think about the Cross, we are reminded of the power of selfless humility in driving high enduring impact — over 2,000 years’ worth, and the role the least of us can play in making it happen. We are reminded that, like God, our faith in humanity should never waver.” — Emmanuel Adu-Darko ’23 MBA, Kellogg Christian Fellowship student leader 

Brendan Patrick McCreary ’23 MBA, Catholics@Kellogg president

“The Kellogg community has been extremely welcoming while also challenging me and driving my curiosity. I went to Catholic schools from first grade straight through college graduation, so I have never had such a religiously diverse group of friends. Last year my fiancée and I hosted an interfaith small group dinner where we learned things we never knew about Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Jainism. Overall, I've learned so much and met some amazing people by engaging with my classmates.” — Brendan Patrick McCreary ’23 MBA, Catholics@Kellogg president  

Adena Schmidt, Jewish Business Association

“I am grateful to be surrounded by students who are striving to make the world a better place. Kellogg Leaders’ drive and sense of purpose resonates deeply with one of the most important values in Judaism: tikkun olam; meaning repairing the world. Our programming and coursework demonstrate a clear commitment to becoming business leaders who consider and address global issues such as environmental sustainability and social equity.” — Adena Schmidt ’23 MBA, Jewish Business Association co-president 

 Ryan Taylor ’23 MBA, Latter-Day Saint Student Association president

“The Kellogg community is full of individuals who are driven to understand others at a deeper level. Given this, I feel that I can be my authentic self and openly discuss my faith as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have yet to meet a member of the Kellogg community who has not been willing to engage in an open and honest discussion about faith and its impact on my life to this point. I'm truly grateful for a community that facilitates candid discussion and empathy across a diverse set of belief systems and experiences.” — Ryan Taylor ’23 MBA, Latter-Day Saint Student Association president