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Last quarter, we were thrilled to welcome Executive MBA students from around the world for an in-person global elective held in Lisbon, taught by Professors Alexander Chernev and Sergio Rebelo. Hear from Chernev and students as they reflect on their immersive learning experience.


Professor Alexander Chernev


Last month, Professor Sergio Rebelo and I taught two iterations of our global elective course in Lisbon. Being in-person after a year of virtual classes was terrific. We had an amazing group of Executive MBA students from cohorts 124, 125, 126 and 127, as well as students from our international partner schools. Our elective is somewhat unusual, it really provides students with something different.


While students are treated to a true global experience, the country we were in didn’t have the operational support of a partner school, and instead we worked with local businesses. The experience aimed to provide an overall experience that goes beyond the academic content taught in the classroom to enrich students’ mindsets and create meaningful memories. And finally, it combines two courses that, at first glance, could not be further apart – International Finance and Strategic Brand Management. It proved to be a good combination, which led to the development of live cases that both of us taught together. To top it off, we had two amazing guest speakers: Jorge Serodio Borges from Wine & Soul, one of the top wineries in Duoro Valley, and Chris Blandy from the Madeira Win Company, the producer of some of the finest quality Madeira wines.


Our ultimate goal was to create something special that everyone in this elective will remember as a part of their EMBA experience. I am pretty sure we were able to achieve that.


Professors Alexander Chernev and Sergio Rebelo with the EMBA Cohorts in Lisbon


Florian Burnat ‘23
In the course of my studies for the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program, I’ve had to take a few electives in the past few months. I have never been so happy to do something mandatory!   


And it’s been quite special since these electives have been the first time since I started this program in May 2021, during which I took classes in-person with the professor. We are living in crazy times.

It all started in Lisbon where I had the chance to study International Finance with Sergio Rebelo and Brand Management with Alexander Chernev. Fantastic classes and a true immersion into Portuguese culture heightened by the one and only Manuel Malfeito Ferreira who confirmed the bitter truth: I am really bad at tasting wines!


Nubia Murray ‘22

I recently traveled to Lisbon for my first global elective as part of the Kellogg School of Management EMBA program. The opportunity to be immersed in the local culture, tackle timely and relevant casework and present in front of industry leaders was a real treat.


The highlight was being in community with EMBA peers representing Kellogg’s global campuses, a myriad of professional backgrounds and diverse cultural perspectives. Thank you to professors Sergio Rebelo and Alexander Chernev for the once in a lifetime experience and to the Kellogg administrative staff - Colette FeldgesRolando Masferrer, and Michelle Morrison - who jumped through multiple hoops to make it happen. An extra special thanks to Chris Blandy for sharing his brand ethos with us. It was an  honor to pitch for the storied and iconic Blandy’s brand. 


And of course, hats off to cohort 124 for being the best travel
buddies and most supportive cohort ever. It was a pleasure
\learning with you and from you!