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Happy Valentine’s Day! In this series, we talked with Kellogg couples from around the globe who came to Kellogg with their significant other.

By Terry Goguen (MMM 2023) and AnnaClare Smith (2Y 2022)

How did you meet?

Terry: The short story is that we met on the first day of freshman year at Middlebury College. I jokingly gave her a hard time for cutting me in line, which I thought was flirty, but she immediately apologized. That’s when I realized how nice and gullible she was. Now, nine years later, I still enjoy making jokes and keeping her on her toes.

AnnaClare: That’s exactly the story! We were put in the same freshman dorm and happened to be standing next to each other in line. He was the first person I remember meeting on campus!

What was it like applying to business school together?

Terry: AnnaClare applied first, and I sort of just follow what she does. Together we attended the admitted students’ weekend back in February of 2020. From that weekend on, I had a nagging feeling, “wow, this would be a pretty cool experience.” Fast forward to October 2020, when I got to meet some of AnnaClare’s friends as a JV (Joint-Venture), I realized that I would love to give business school a shot. I stole all of AnnaClare’s GMAT study notes (something that got me through Middlebury as well), applied for the MMM Program and was accepted.

AnnaClare: I wish we had applied to school together! I think I was more stressed during Terry’s application process than mine because I knew just how amazing it would be to go to Kellogg together. He had the added advantage of understanding Kellogg’s culture – but it made us want it even more. Even though I wish we could take more electives together at Kellogg, it’s been amazing to have connections in both classes. Now we get to stay in Evanston for three years!

What’s a favorite Evanston date you’ve had?

Terry: We had a pretty unique dinner at my favorite pub, The Celtic Knot, a couple weeks back. They had a live musician, and we were basically the only ones there. We did have our favorite third wheel, though, Jacqueline Hong, and luckily she didn’t ruin the mood. It was just a great way to relax, experience the joys of a small business and drink a pint.

AnnaClare: I have to say my favorite date nights are when we order Indian food from W. Devon St. in Rogers Park and stay in! Kellogg can be overwhelming at times – I feel like we go weeks without staying home and eating dinner together. (Though our dinners with Jacqueline are pretty great too!)

How do you support one another throughout your Kellogg experience?

Terry: Well, I already mentioned stealing her notes, so that has been a great and indirect way that she supports me. All in all, we make a great team, especially when we drive each other to the Hub when the other has class.

AnnaClare: Terry was incredibly supportive last year while he was still working remotely from home. It made a huge difference that Terry was as excited as I was to jump into the Kellogg scene and make friends with me. Kellogg’s inclusive community made it so easy for us both to integrate, which removed many potential stressors. And having Terry here makes it very easy to support one another. Both living the Kellogg experience together, we get it!