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Happy Valentine’s Day! In this series, we talked with Kellogg couples from around the globe who came to Kellogg with their significant other.

By Ignacio Pérez and Tania Gil (both 2Y 2023)

How did you meet?

Ignacio: We met during our undergrad in Mexico City (it’s our second time studying together – who would have known?). We both studied finance at Tec the Monterrey. Tania is one class older than me, but we shared some elective classes. It all started when we enrolled in an equity research competition to represent our school. I recruited her for the team – something told me she was the one – literally THE ONE. After some weeks of intense work, we started dating and were married six years later.

What was it like applying to business school together?

Ignacio: Admittedly, our process was stressful and chaotic but having a partner cheering you up did help a lot. We were undergoing many changes in our lives. COVID hit five months after our wedding, so the transition of moving together got mixed with the pandemic and our applications for business school. Then came the uncertainty of getting accepted together or, at least, in the same city, but we finally made it!

What’s a favorite Evanston date you’ve had?

Tania: My favorite Evanston date was when we first moved into the city.  After three intense days of purchasing furniture and setting up our apartment, we returned the rental car to a location in Chicago Ave. Then we decided to walk back to our apartment and have dinner along the way. We found a cute – and delicious! – Asian spot (Shinsen) and decided to go in. We really enjoyed that dinner because it was the first time we had to unwind and take in the fact that our Kellogg experience was actually happening. We walked to our apartment with a full belly and a happy heart.

How do you support one another throughout your Kellogg experience?

Tania: We have been trying to set time aside for a weekly date night to disconnect and talk about how we are feeling with everything that is going on. We have also set a plan where Ignacio will take care of daily responsibilities if I have a full schedule and vice versa. It has been very alleviating having a partner to support me during this experience.