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In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, Inside Kellogg will be featuring the diverse perspectives and reflections from members of Kellogg’s Hispanic and Latinx communities. To start, below are reflections on Hispanic Heritage Month by some of our community members, as well as their stories and research.

Federico Bolaines ’21
Director of Marketing, Pollo Compero
Executive MBA Program

“This Hispanic Heritage Month I reflect on the resilience and resolve of my people—a burning desire to keep pushing forward for themselves, their families and their communities while keeping a relentlessly positive outlook on life.”

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Andres Idarraga ’20
Co-Founder & CEO, Creci
Executive MBA Program

During Hispanic Heritage Month, I am reflecting on the collective experiences of the three generations of my family who have now lived in the United States, experiences that include immigrating from Colombia, poverty, military service, prison, hard work, college education and economic mobility. 

“These respective experiences have undoubtedly colored each family member’s view of being Latino in the United States. Yet, after acknowledging some of those areas where America could and should be better, our family maintains a strong belief in its promise of equality and opportunity. We also know, however, that this promise is only made tangible by building on the efforts of so many before us and by our own participation in the civic and business life of our communities.   

“So, to me, reflecting on the above means taking in the richness of our varied Latino experiences in the United States; thanking those whose contributions made me and us possible; and adding my own contributions. I am deeply thankful to people and institutions, including Kellogg, who have supported me in my endeavors to expand education and economic opportunities to my communities.”

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Jose Liberti
Joseph Jr. and Carole Levy Chair in Entrepreneurship
Clinical Professor of Finance

“I believe that for almost 30 years now the United States has commemorated Hispanic Heritage Month, by celebrating the contributions made by the Hispanic community in American society. I prefer to take the time to thank American society for being open and allowing me to work in the industry, pursue my academic studies and be able to develop professionally in the United States. This is my own personal way of showing thanks for being part of this community and hopefully being able to add to American society.”

Read more about Professor Liberti and his teaching in the Kellogg Insight article, Master Class: Global Entrepreneurial Finance.

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