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In a recent Poets & Quants article, Mike Wise (2Y 2022), Alyssa Posklensky (1Y 2021), Gonzalo Roque (2Y 2022), Mashiwat Mahbub (2Y 2022), Hereford Johnson (2Y 2022) and Emily Kuo (MMM 2022) were asked, “What quality best describes your MBA classmates?” Here are just a few traits that exemplify Kellogg students.

Mike Wise: Spirited and Driven. I am continually impressed by the energy, enthusiasm, and determination of my peers. I think this is reflective of the Kellogg culture and certainly rings true in and outside of the classroom.

Alyssa Posklensky:  Multi-dimensional. Everyone I’ve met is not only extremely friendly and team-oriented, but also has so many interesting, personal layers to discover. Kellogg is a place where the traditional stereotypes of the outside world don’t apply – just because someone was a college athlete doesn’t mean they’re not also a phenomenal baker or because they traveled as a consultant doesn’t mean they don’t have an impressive local business. People bring these passions to their activities and interactions here, and it has been amazing to slowly discover new sides of each classmate as I spend more time with them.

Gonzalo Roque: Diverse. During my first month on campus, I have met students from a variety of backgrounds – personally and professionally. I have classmates who have worked at large corporations, start-ups, non-profits, and government organizations. They have played on sports teams or were in the military. It has been super interesting to hear about other people’s experiences in different industries and roles, both in and out of the classroom. Creating connections with peers from the other side of the world has been a really fun experience that will lead to tremendous personal growth.

Mashiwat Mahbub: Collaborative. It is an established fact that teamwork is a big part of Kellogg culture. Throughout the last few months, and navigating Kellogg’s hybrid learning structure, the Kellogg community has continued to maintain and, in fact, expand its culture of collaboration that it prides itself on.

Hereford Johnson: Humble and down-to-earth. This rings true to not just my classmates, but many Kellogg alumni who are successful in their own right. The ‘high impact, low ego’ persona that Kellogg targets in applicants is very apparent.

For example, you might be grabbing a drink or participating in a study group with an Olympic Gold Medalist or successful entrepreneur and never know it (true story). Or, on the opposite end, through deep conversations with classmates, you will uncover stories of those who are overcoming unbelievable hardships, wondering why there hasn’t been a book or film made about their journey. No one ever brags or comes across as a know-it-all. They are not afraid to raise their hand and admit that they do have the answer to a question, and, at the same time, they are very willing to prioritize their time to support your journey. It is a special community that I feel lucky to be a part of.

Emily Kuo: Genuine, kind, and wholehearted. I have found my Kellogg peers to wildly compassionate, always willing to lend a hand, and always giving their best to be inclusive and intentional. Kellogg seems to attract people who are drawn to the collaborative, “give back” and “low ego, high impact” mindset because it has done a clear job of communicating its values to prospective students.