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by Andrew Coe, 2Y 2020

After my last flight as a Navy pilot, I knew it was going to be challenging to leave the service, but I couldn’t have anticipated the way I would be pushed out of my comfort zone. One of the hardest parts of separating from the military is learning to be more introspective. After 10 years of service, I learned that putting the team first would lead to success. I realized that I hardly ever reflected upon on my personal goals. Once I made the decision to leave active duty and apply to MBA programs, I sought out schools that combined the teamwork and community that were so important to my service with the ability to grow as an individual.

What Kellogg is all about

The sense of community started right after my acceptance phone call. Kellogg alumni, current students, and even my interviewer from two months prior contacted me to both congratulate and welcome me to the family. It isn’t often when a relative stranger is just as excited for you as you are, but that goes hand-in-hand with what Kellogg is all about.

I have met people with a completely different background every day since starting classes this fall. Kellogg truly is a melting pot made up of hundreds of unique individuals who are committed to learning from each other just as much as from our course work. I try to bring my own individual skill set to this diverse group, but I consistently gain insights regarding personal growth from my fellow students. They have thoughtful and meaningful goals for their future, which has challenged me to think about mine.

An exceptional community

Reflecting on the skills that I acquired in the Navy and transferring them to the “civilian” workforce is difficult, however, Kellogg provides a plethora of resources for me to do just that. The Career Management Center set me up with one-on-one coaching so that I could turn years of military jargon into meaningful and impactful statements to connect with potential employers. The Kellogg Veterans Association is a student-led club that eases the transition from the military by connecting veterans and helping us succeed during the job search.

From group assignments in class to CIM dance routines, my first few months at Kellogg have been a unique and rewarding experience. As I think back to my time in the Navy, I made long-lasting relationships as part of an exceptional community, and it’s clear that I will do the same at Kellogg.