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The entire Kellogg community celebrated Black History Month this February. Inside Kellogg is featuring a series of reflections from members of the Kellogg Black Management Association, which sponsored events, conferences and discussions throughout the month. 

by Myah Smith, 2Y 2018

For me, Black History Month is all about empowerment through knowledge. There was always a shallow underscore of Black History Month and celebrations in the schools I attended growing up, but not much in-depth knowledge-sharing. The truth is there is a wealth of information about slavery, Jim Crow and the experience of African-Americans in this nation over time, and so little of it is shared. As African-Americans, I think it’s so important to equip ourselves with the pride, and inspiration of the stories of those who came before us so we can all do our parts in the advancement of their legacies and the cause of social justice. And for those who are not black, I think it’s equally important to be knowledgeable so you can form deeper connections. I hope this Black History Month, everyone feeds their curiosity about any part of the black experience your heart yearns to learn. Engage in dialogue with your friends about their experiences as a black person, read up on a black history fact or watch a documentary like “Good Hair” or “13th.” Because the curiosity feeds knowledge-sharing, and the knowledge-sharing builds empathy, and the empathy brings us all closer together.