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June was a busy month for us at The Kellogg School of Management. We said goodbye to the  class of 2017, welcomed our latest one-year and MMM students to campus, and continue to work with our two-year and JD-MBA admitted students on their arrival in August. Now that our incoming students have started to arrive, we are getting ready to hit the road and meet the applicants all around the world.

Our application for the Full-Time MBA program goes live in mid-July, kicking off our admissions season. We love seeing the unique and exciting ways our prospective students express themselves and demonstrate their amazing backgrounds throughout the application process.

Every year, we review our application and look for ways to get to know our applicants even better. As the 2017 application is about to go live, we are excited to share an update to our essay questions and give you insight into how you can best showcase your accomplishments in your response.

Changing Question #1 on the Kellogg Full-Time MBA Application

The evolution of the new essay question

We have long asked our applicants to reflect on their leadership experiences and impact on others, which are key aspects of the Kellogg experience. The latest version of this question takes this same focus on leadership and expands it to call out another longstanding Kellogg commitment: creating lasting value in organizations. We are looking forward to your response to the following:

Kellogg’s purpose is to educate, equip and inspire brave leaders who create lasting value. Tell us about a time you have demonstrated leadership and created lasting value. What challenges did you face, and what did you learn?

The goal of creating lasting value in organizations is not something new to Kellogg. In fact, it’s an integral facet of our purpose statement. We are calling you to show us how you have spearheaded change, strived for excellence and created legacies in your organizations. This is an opportunity to dive deep into a strong example; we want to understand the challenges you faced and what you learned from that experience to develop you into the leader you are today. We want our students to be the kind of people who aim to leave a lasting mark wherever they go, both before Kellogg and throughout the rest of their careers.

As you prepare your application, we recommend you visit the Full-Time MBA application page to find more information about all of our essay questions and start your Kellogg journey. We are so eager to meet you and learn more about your accomplishments.