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Applying to business school is a commitment. You will devote hours to test prep, drafting and redrafting essays, practicing for interviews, perusing websites and visiting campuses.

We get lots of questions about how applicants can make their application stand out, so this week, we are sharing suggestions on how you can help distinguish yourself and express why Kellogg is the right school for you. 


ADDITIONAL TOPICS: Test scoresessays, letters of recommendation, video essays

Since we offer both on-campus and off-campus interviews, many applicants wonder if there is an advantage to doing one over the other.

The honest answer is no: All interviews are evaluated the same way, so you should choose whatever works best for your schedule.

The interview is your opportunity to highlight aspects of your story that you believe are most important and to let us know about anything you weren’t able to address in the application. Whoever interviews you will not have seen your application — just your resume — so be sure to provide context and background for him or her. We won’t ask you to solve any business cases or tough quant questions, so you can relax and enjoy the conversation! We really want to hear why you believe Kellogg is the right school for you and how you will contribute to our community.

As a reminder, the interview is one component of the application; it is important, but it’s just one piece, and it will be considered alongside all other aspects of your application. In the end, you want your total application, including the interview, to reflect your authentic story. Above all else, be thoughtful, be honest and be yourself. We are very excited to get to know you.

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For more information about Kellogg’s application components, visit our website.

Melissa Rapp is the Director of Admissions for the Full-Time MBA and MS in Management Studies Programs. Melissa joined the Evanston Admissions team in January 2016 and was previously the Director of Admissions for the Evening & Weekend MBA Program located on Kellogg’s Chicago campus. She has over 15 years of higher education and admissions experience.