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Applying to business school is a commitment. You will devote hours to test prep, drafting and redrafting essays, practicing for interviews, perusing websites and visiting campuses.

We get lots of questions about how applicants can make their application stand out, so this week, we are sharing suggestions on how you can help distinguish yourself and express why Kellogg is the right school for you. real


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The essays are your opportunity to talk directly to the admissions committee and tell your story. Since this is about you and your experiences, there’s no right or wrong answer. The essays provide insight into who you are and what has shaped you. We want to know what you’ll be adding to the Kellogg community and contributing in the classroom, so it’s really important to be yourself. Don’t worry about trying to say what you think we want to hear.

It’s also important to answer the question that’s been asked, in a way that lets us know you’re writing with Kellogg in mind, rather than recycling a generic essay you’re submitting to multiple schools.

Additionally, always have someone else read your essays; little mistakes are easy to overlook when you have worked on the same piece of writing for hours. Another good strategy is to have someone read over your essays without telling them the question or prompt. Have them guess, and if they are close, you will know that you’ve answered the question that was asked.

We always look forward to reading every candidate’s story, so have some fun telling yours!

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Melissa Rapp is the Director of Admissions for the Full-Time MBA and MS in Management Studies Programs. Melissa joined the Evanston Admissions team in January 2016 and was previously the Director of Admissions for the Evening & Weekend MBA Program located on Kellogg’s Chicago campus. She has over 15 years of higher education and admissions experience.