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As an institution that is committed to diversity, Kellogg has a number of student groups that are committed to keeping its strong culture of inclusion alive.

One such group is the Kellogg Women’s Business Association (WBA).

The WBA offers a variety of outreach efforts in order to encourage more women to pursue and earn an MBA degree. By facilitating an open line of communication between current and prospective students, the WBA played a key role in Kellogg’s record-breaking female enrollment for the class of 2017.

MBASchooled recently spotlighted Amanda McCarthy, Kellogg WBA vice president of marketing. Amanda shared how the WBA supports the professional and personal aspirations of Kellogg women and how the WBA enhanced her own MBA experience.

From MBASchooled:

AmandaMcCarthyWhile I was applying to business school, I was aware of the ratios of males to females at the different schools. While I wouldn’t say it was a deciding factor, it was certainly a consideration. Of greater importance to me was learning about what schools are doing to address tough issues like gender equality, and to prepare females for some of the unique business challenges that they might face in the workplace. I knew this was a priority for Kellogg based on the depth of programming organized by the Women’s Business Association and the support from the Dean’s office. 

I think there are a number of factors that together are driving the increased number of women applying to and attending top business schools. Firstly, there is specific outreach happening on the part of business schools and organizations such as Forte Foundation to get in front of women early in their careers and give them exposure to business school. These initiatives help to put business school on the radar. Secondly, I think there is a great power in example. The more women attend business school (43% at Kellogg this past year), and achieve great success in post MBA roles, the more other women look to that example and think – people “like me” are doing this, so I can too.

These two years at Kellogg have provided me with a unique opportunity to build a large network of women colleagues. For many of us (depending on our career choices), Kellogg may be one of the last times that this many women will be in such a structured, professional context.  Whether it’s through clubs like the WBA, career interest groups, or social groups, we are building an important network that will serve us at many of the future junctures that can be unique to women.

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About the Kellogg WBA

The Kellogg Women’s Business Association challenges, engages and empowers its members throughout their MBA journeys. Supporting Kellogg women in their personal and professional aspirations, the WBA continues to build a strong community of influential business leaders.