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By Jessica Pawlarczyk

Demand for Super Bowl advertising has reached an all-time high, with pricing up to $5 million for a 30-second TV spot.

As the prices continue to rise, so does the pressure for Super Bowl marketers. A successful Super Bowl effort can propel a brand and a career, while an unsuccessful one can hurt both.

Marketers have spent an incredible amount of time, money and creative energy preparing for Sunday’s game in an attempt to produce the perfect advertisement that will cut through the clutter and score big with fans.

Kellogg Marketing Professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker gave students an inside look at what to expect from Super Bowl 50 advertisements during a special pre-Super Bowl Ad Review event Thursday. Calkins and Rucker discussed the elements of an effective advertisement and shared pre-game advertising predictions and insights with students.

Here are the top 5 Super Bowl advertising things to watch for this Sunday:

1. AB InBev

AB InBev is the largest advertiser in this year’s Super Bowl with ads for Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, Budweiser and Shock Top. With three minutes of airtime, will AB InBev be bringing back the famous Clydesdales for Budweiser? How will AB InBev tackle craft brew advertising after last year’s controversial Bud commercial?

2. Financial brands

A surprising amount of financial brands have bought Super Bowl ad airtime, including Pay Pal, Sofi, Sun Trust and Quicken. Will the serious topic of finance pair well with the lighter, less serious tone of the Super Bowl?

3. Auto brands

There are also a lot of car commercials slated for this year’s Super Bowl. How will auto brands cut through the noise and differentiate themselves from competitors? Fiat Chrysler has been relatively quiet about its Super Bowl plans thus far, so a dramatic, compelling commercial could be in store for viewers.

4. Persil ProClean

An unfamiliar name in the Super Bowl advertising arena, Persil ProClean is a global laundry detergent brand breaking into the U.S. market. Will its ad try to take down the giant P&G? Will its ad resonate with viewers who already have plenty of detergent options to choose from?

5. Social media

Super Bowl advertisements are no longer just about 30-second TV spots. Super Bowl advertising has expanded to become a month-long, integrated marketing campaign designed to generate as much brand buzz as possible. Social media will be at the forefront of this year’s advertisements and will be used to amplify brand excitement both before and after game day.

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