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Tim_Bossidy_225Tim Bossidy’s passion for finance is what brought him to Kellogg, where he is a second-year student. He felt the school’s curriculum, personalized career support and collaborative community would set him apart as he pursued a career in investment banking.

This past summer, Tim was one of four Kellogg students who interned at Goldman Sachs. All four will return to work at Goldman Sachs full time after graduation.

Tim recently participated in a Career Management Center webinar about career opportunities and career support at Kellogg. Watch the entire webinar, or continue reading to see what Tim had to say about recruiting, Kellogg’s finance curriculum and the school’s uniquely supportive community.

On choosing Kellogg

I was incredibly impressed with the quality of finance professors here. Day at Kellogg is really what sealed the deal for me. The Investment Banking and Capital Management club gave a presentation and talked about the personalized support you get for IB here at Kellogg.

Additionally, one of the keynote alumni speakers was one of the top global partners at Goldman Sachs. I really started to get excited about the opportunities of recruiting to the sell-side at Kellogg.

On recruiting

My experience recruiting was really positive. Investment banking recruiting is a unique animal. It’s a really intense process, but part of why it’s so intense is because of how much demand there is from investment banks for Kellogg students. We had 35 people recruiting for investment banking and more than 30 investment banks coming in to recruit the 35 of us. We spent a lot of time talking to a lot of different bankers, which was a little overwhelming at times, but it was also a really nice position to be in.

On interning, and getting a job offer, from Goldman Sachs

Overall it’s pretty amazing, a little scary how much MBA interns are trusted to jump right in with immediate responsibility. Given those responsibilities, it is really important that you’re at a school where your courses are preparing you. At Kellogg, I thought the finance curriculum was awesome. Not only was I confident in feeling incredibly prepared and that the Kellogg students were some the best prepared among the MBA interns, but out of the four of us (Kellogg students) at Goldman Sachs US, there was a 100% offer rate. We’re all going back. It really speaks to the quality of teaching here.

On the alumni network

The pass-it-on, giveback culture stays with people as alumni. You really don’t stop drinking the Kellogg Kool-Aid, so to speak, after you leave. The Kellogg alumni at Goldman were actively reaching out to me throughout the summer, checking in and giving me advice. If they ever got feedback of something I needed to tweak or work on, they would give me a call. They were so invested in me not only liking my summer, but me getting that full-time offer.

I had a fantastic summer, and thanks to the support of Kellogg and the students here especially, I’m going to be really well prepared going back.

On the school’s unique community

After Day at Kellogg, you get a really good feel for whether or not Kellogg is a “fit.” For me it was definitely the right fit. There’s an amazing sense of community here. There really is a give-back-to-your-fellow-classmates mentality.

I can’t say enough about the community here. You have this amazing network of people who are helping you and invested in making sure you get a great job.

Watch the complete Career Opportunities webinar.