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By Shriansh Shrivastava

One of the unique tools Kellogg’s MMM program teaches is Design Thinking. Now an industry, Design Thinking is generally associated with agile design houses like IDEO, Frog and Doblin. It brings to mind visions of bright rooms decorated in white and primary colors, full of whiteboards, sharpies and foam core.

I’m guilty of making this association myself. So that last thing I expected when entering Dell as an intern this summer was an invite in my calendar for a training session on Design Thinking. The training was cool (though nothing new for me, thanks to the MMM program). Apart from making me feel even more awesome about Kellogg, it motivated me to look into how such an agile, fast framework was being used at a company as large and mature as Dell.

Read about my experience (with a quick introduction to design thinking) here: (comments and questions welcome).

Learn more about “The power of design thinking” and “10 tips to be an effective design thinker” from Greg Holderfield, director of the Segal Design Institute, clinical associate professor and co-director of the MMM program.

Soon to be a second-year MMM student at Kellogg, Shriansh Shrivastava is currently (summer 2015) interning at Dell as a Product Marketing Senior Advisor for the high-end precision line of workstations. At Kellogg, he loves case competitions, is VP of Academics for the MMM program and a student leader for the Kellogg Innovation Network. Follow him on Twitter: @shriansh.