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muscarello.jpgGet to know some of Kellogg’s alumni who are bringing bold entrepreneurial visions to life. 

What happens when you start a business at age 22, grow it into a $20 million company and then lose it all in a day?

If you’re Frank Muscarello ’03 (EMP-55), you start another company. And this time, you build a better one.

In Muscarello’s case, that company is MarkITx, an online marketplace for trading enterprise hardware. Co-founded by the Chicago native in 2012, the company has quickly become a game-changer for secondary IT.

In less than two years, MarkITx has squashed any revenue numbers posted by Muscarello’s first company, Vision Point of Sale, during its 16-year run. This year’s revenue for MarkITx is up 377 percent compared to last. After only eight months of operations, the company earned a whopping $12 million valuation. And, according to Muscarello, MarkITx is projected to exceed $1 billion in the next five years.

Learn more about MarkITx and how Kellogg helped Frank get where he is today.