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emp-report-infographic-industriesKellogg graduates enter the workforce educated and equipped to lead with confidence in virtually every industry and a wide array of functional roles. This is no accident. We have designed our curriculum precisely for that purpose.


The strikingly large and diverse number of companies that seek out our graduates obviously agree with Kellogg’s belief that well-rounded managers make the best leaders. Our proven, rigorous general management curriculum enriched by more than 200 electives prepares highly effective managers with a broad-based, agile skill set for driving growth in complex organizations.


Kellogg pioneered the teamwork model that now defines well-managed, growth-focused companies worldwide. Kellogg graduates are known for their deep understanding of how people work together and the ability to inspire others to do so consistently and well. They are leaders who know how to collaborate and harness the power of teams to achieve high-impact goals.


Kellogg has a well-earned reputation for rewriting the rules of management. Our course catalog, like the market itself, constantly evolves to meet the complexities of a dynamic business environment. When updating our curriculum, we regularly partner with employers.

In three years, Kellogg has developed more than 55 new courses, including:

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