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Each year, brands spend upwards of $2 billion collectively on Super Bowl commercials. Some emerge as clear winners. Others limp away. This year, for the eleventh time, Kellogg School of Management marketing students will apply rigorous, research-based criteria to determine what separates the Super Bowl advertising winners from the losers.

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First-year Kellogg student David Morgenstern is one of the current students who will participate in this year’s Ad Review.

“Participating in the Super Bowl Ad Review was one of the reasons I chose to attend Kellogg,” Morgenstern said. “I grew up watching the Super Bowl, mostly for the commercials since my Browns were never in the game, and was always very opinionated regarding which ads I thought were the most effective.

“The Super Bowl Ad Review provides a truly unique experience to learn from a creative group of marketing leaders from around the world. The Kellogg experience is rooted in collaborative and experimental learning  and the Super Bowl Ad Review is an opportunity to do just this – plus a great excuse to indulge in chicken wings!”

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