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I graduated from Kellogg’s One-Year Full-Time program in June, and having been in the work world for six months, I look back and can honestly say choosing Kellogg and the 1Y program was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Kellogg was the ultimate life experience.

It equipped me with top-tier management education and training alongside some of the smartest business students in the world. In addition, it afforded me everything I could hope for in terms of the social experience and networking opportunities.

The 1Y program was the perfect choice given my undergraduate business degree, and it enabled me to quickly transition to an operating role at Uber in Chicago. Having gone to Kellogg with my CPA and investment banking experience, I rounded out my background by focusing on advanced electives in entrepreneurship, management, and strategy.

I gravitated toward the idea of being in a small, tight-knit program of 100 plus students, while at the same time taking classes, being in clubs, traveling and having fun with all the other full-time MBA’s. My favorite memories from Kellogg include enduring the rigor of my business strategy class and the highs and lows of New Venture Discovery, serving on the Day At Kellogg Executive Committee, going on KWEST Panama, winning an MBA basketball tournament in Las Vegas (pictured above) and mentoring grade-school students at a Catholic school on the South Side of Chicago.

For prospective MBA students and others interested in learning about Kellogg, I’d encourage you to consider first and foremost whether Kellogg is the right fit. Kellogg’s culture is unique. There’s something about it that’s hard to describe, it’s something intangible that you either feel aligned with or you don’t. In deciding which program, you should consider your educational background and experience, what you want out of your time at Kellogg and your career goals immediately after school.

From my perspective, the 1Y program is a no brainer if you did business undergrad and have a clear career vision. It’s also important to consider how much you need or want an internship, how much you value the extra quarters of academics and what you’re looking for from a pure social experience. Keep in mind that the opportunity cost of two years is increasing, and networking doesn’t stop at graduation.

Kellogg and the 1Y program are not for everyone, but I am a huge advocate of both. I couldn’t feel more confident in the decisions I’ve made, where I’m at with my career, and what lies ahead both professionally and in life!

Patrick is currently an Operations and Logistics Manager at Uber Chicago. Prior to Kellogg, Patrick worked at Pagemill Partners, a boutique technology focused investment bank in Palo Alto. He started his career at Ernst & Young.