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Clare Hunter-First Networking.jpgAs a 1Y, I was pretty nervous about recruiting. I was uncertain of how I’d stack up compared to other talented MBA candidates and didn’t know much about the process going in. Here is my take on fall recruiting, both the positives that came out of it and the challenges I faced.

What’s great about Kellogg recruiting?

One of the unique benefits that 1Ys (as well as MMMs) have from starting in the summer quarter is the undivided attention of the Career Management Center (CMC) staff. 1Ys have access to all of the same resources, such as mock interviews and industry overview seminars, as 2Ys, but with far fewer students competing for a time slot or to ask a question during the summer months. I took full advantage of the career coaching services and met with a coach weekly to lay out my recruiting plan.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the informal support from classmates. I joined two interview prep groups (IPGs) and found that resources were abundant. It was always easy to connect with a student or alum that worked or interned at the companies I was considering.

Lastly, the caliber and number of companies that recruited at Kellogg exceeded my expectations. I can hardly imagine a better roster of firms than those who came this fall. Additionally, I heard many stories of students reaching out to firms or non-profits on their own and getting interviews shortly thereafter.

What are some of the challenges?

For me, fall quarter was about recruiting, and that’s pretty much it. While I don’t think this is unique to 1Ys, recruiting leaves little time for anything else. To prioritize the job search, I decided to opt for a light course load and did not pursue any club leadership positions.

Because of the high quality of companies recruiting at Kellogg, you can also find yourself having to make tough choices you never dreamed you’d need to make. You could be faced with two or more fantastic interviews or offers. Or you form great relationships with company representatives, but ultimately decide not to pursue the job. When these hard decisions came up, I relied on my husband, friends, and the CMC to help weigh the options.

The last not so great is rejection. It happens and it stinks, especially when it’s a firm at the top of your list. Ultimately, the support network here at Kellogg will help you get through it and move onto the next great opportunity!

What’s next for me?

I’ll be deciding between job offers in the next few weeks and, with interviews behind me, I look forward to all the Kellogg fun that awaits, like ski trip, winter break in Cabo, Mexico, Education Consulting Lab, an impact investing case competition and much, much more!

Clare Hunter is a current 1Y candidate at Kellogg. Prior to her MBA, she developed and led strategic planning efforts at the United Nations Foundation, worked as an advisory consultant for PwC, served as Chairman of the Board for the Washington, D.C. chapter of Acumen and received a U.S. Fulbright scholarship. She plans to pursue a private sector strategy role following graduation and, with a passion for social enterprise, hopes to make a long-term impact on international aid efforts.