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IMG_6493 (1)Stephen G. Hushek, PhD, presented “Nobody Knows Anything,” to the EMP 100 class on Nov. 15. Hushek is the first speaker in an Entrepreneur Education series hosted by the Kellogg School of Management and EMP 100’s Entrepreneurial Committee. 

Dr. Hushek is a nuclear engineer, an expert in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) field and the CEO/Founder of MedTrak LLC. In his talk, he cautioned against well-intended but faulty sources of entrepreneurial guidance. Instead, he offered practical advice for entrepreneurs, including:

  • Success strategies to educate the market on a new product or service
  • Where to turn for reliable help
  • How to present a business plan
  • Approaches to addressing investors, banks and potential end customers

“While passion is necessary to success, it is not sufficient,” Hushek said. Instead, Hushek suggested entrepreneurs should focus on their customers’ wants and behaviors.

“Dr. Hushek did a great job of explaining the value of strong personal and professional networks, especially for an entrepreneur,” said Maura Watson EMP 100. “Despite the presentation’s title, I felt like I left knowing something.”

Hushek’s company, MedTrak, provides a solution for the timely incorporation of MR technology into complex surgical procedures, offering surgeons real-time information on the unique corporal landscape of each patient, and the physician’s surgical navigation and progress. MedTrak’s capability is new to the field. It allows for complete patient stability and MR integration into the surgical process without surgical theatre reconfiguration before each use. Founded in 2011, MedTrak has received its first letters of intent, and will move to technology production and FDA testing in the coming two years.

The EMP 100 Entrepreneurship Committee hopes to invite other successful entrepreneurs to share their advice with the class.

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