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When my husband was accepted to Kellogg’s One-Year program, I was thrilled. I was especially pleased that he would be going to a school that would not only provide him with a world class MBA, but would also afford me plenty of new and exciting opportunities.

One reason my husband and I chose Kellogg was because of the strong partner network – the Joint Ventures Club (JVs).

We arrived in Evanston in June, and the first few days were a blur. They were filled with exploring my new neighborhood and organizing my new home. But as my husband started classes, I soon found I did not have many meaningful things to do with my time. I realized that if I did not make an effort to get involved with the many opportunities Kellogg offers its students’ partners, it would be a very lonely and boring year.

I was introduced to the JV club at Day At Kellogg and made sure to join their Facebook page and Campus Group soon after.

The first JV event I went to was a small get together at a local bar, and it was the catalyst for everything else I have gotten involved with. The group was warm and welcoming, and were more than willing to dispense advice about the many opportunities available for a JV. I came away from this get-together reaffirmed that as long as I made an effort, there would be many opportunities for me at Kellogg.

I have met such interesting and diverse people through the JV club, and I have made wonderful friends. I also joined the JV Executive board as a 1Y Social chair, and over the past few months I have had the pleasure of helping to plan, organize and promote events for the JV community and the One-Year program.

But my involvement does not end there. There are so many more clubs and committees at Kellogg! JVs are welcome to join most, and even sometimes serve on committee boards.

I enjoyed volunteering back in Toronto, where I lived before moving to Evanston, and felt that the Kellogg Cares Day Executive Committee would be a great fit for me. I did wonder whether the other members would value my input, and whether I would I be able to meaningfully contribute to the club. The answer to both questions was a resounding yes! Being on the committee made me feel like a true member of the Kellogg community, not to mention it was a fantastic way to give back to a city and community that I have quickly come to love.


And lastly, one of the most fantastic opportunities offered to JVs is the ability to audit classes. During these first few months at Kellogg, I have audited two classes and I intend to audit more. I have learned so much and even discovered new areas of interest.

Because of my involvement in the Kellogg community, my days are full and enjoyable. My advice to you – fellow and future JVs – is to take advantage of what Kellogg has to offer, from clubs and committees, to classes.

Don’t miss out on YOUR experience at Kellogg.

Cara Gladstone is the wife of Zavie Berenbaum, who is currently in Kellogg’s Full-Time One-Year MBA Program. Prior to moving to Evanston, Cara worked as a teacher in Toronto. She and Zavie plan on returning to Toronto after graduation.