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Going back to school is no easy decision. Even with the flexibility of an executive MBA program, it’s undeniable that your professional and personal life will be affected.

But that aside, an executive MBA program hands you the tools and techniques to become a more adaptive, resilient and bold leader who can inspire growth in a complex world. Whether you’re looking to reach new heights in your organization, refine leadership skills or launch a new venture, an executive MBA will help you achieve your goals.

So, are you ready to get your MBA? Answer these questions to determine if the time is right.

Do you want a new challenge?

Do you crave a deep intellectual challenge? Your executive MBA program will accelerate your career development, opening new doors that may have been previously inaccessible or unobserved. If you’re looking to aspire to a higher level of professional excellence and hone your leadership, an executive MBA program will help you realize your full potential.

Jennifer Thompson, for instance, was about halfway into her EMBA when she realized her true calling was public relations and crisis management. Now, Thompson is the executive vice president of Crisis and Risk Practice at Edelman. Find out more about her story.

Can you juggle the time commitment?

One of the biggest perks of executive MBA programs is the flexibility. Unlike traditional MBA programs, you can go about your work week without significant interruption. The weekend immersion model allows you to focus completely on your courses.

That said, you’ll be spending three to four days once or twice a month on campus, and during that time, you’ll be exposed to a rigorous curriculum. At Kellogg, students typically use the weekend to complete the majority of their coursework, but need to take some time outside of class to catch up on readings or complete unfinished assignments.

Can your personal life handle the pressure?

New child? Taking care of an ailing relative? Going through a difficult time? Before starting your MBA, you should access your personal life and decide if it’s a good time. That said, there is never a perfect time to add a two-year commitment to your already busy life.

Sonya Wenzel and husband Zachary were planning to commute to the Kellogg Executive MBA Program together. Then the triplets were born. Find out how Kellogg made it possible for the Wenzels to balance home life and professional development.

Do I have enough management experience?

The EMBA is designed for mid-career and executive-level professionals with an ample management background. The advanced curriculum will focus on many of the frameworks crucial for a experienced executive.

If you don’t have at least seven years of experience, a part-time program may be a better fit for your background.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready for an executive MBA, contact our admissions office.

Do you have your company’s support?

Company buy-in is essential for your success in the program. While not all companies will agree to financially contribute to your MBA, at the very least, they must consent to time off so that you never miss class. This includes avoiding scheduled travel during the weekends and live-in weeks that you will be on campus.

What are you waiting for?

At what point will you realize your full leadership potential?

There are plenty of reasons (or excuses) to wait. But ultimately, there will never be a perfect time to get your MBA.

Are you ready to accelerate your career? Are you willing to take the next steps towards achieving your goals?

Your time is now.

Apply to Kellogg today.