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This is part 5 in a series about the executive MBA global network course at Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada. Read all the stories here

On Day 5, students had the option to attend a workshop on company valuation and financial spreadsheets. This session taught students about the formulas used to construct the appropriate spreadsheets, the right questions to ask and the significance of the numbers on the valuation sheets presented.

Professor Wade’s IT course concluded with a poignant case. The challenge was to design a solution that eliminates stock outs of Malaria vaccine in order to save the lives of the people infected.

After 5 days of intensive class work, students were excited to apply principles learned to their careers.

“The live-in course at Kellogg-Schulich is all about connecting the unexpected: excellent international EMBA students that come from diverse and rich backgrounds, top notch professors and extremely relevant and important courses in IT strategy and M&A in a holistic approach,” said Ala Sader KR 18, Co-CEO of MEET. “All of it combined together provided a unique learning experience in an international setting that enhanced and empowered the executives of tomorrow.”