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Guanghua Facilities PhotoThe inaugural Guanghua-Kellogg class arrived at the program’s Beijing campus on Friday, Sept. 19. The Guanghua School of Management at Peking University is the newest addition to the Kellogg Executive MBA Global Network.

So, why is Kellogg so excited about this program?

At Kellogg, we think our EMBA graduates will be best equipped to inspire growth in organizations by mastering both general management expertise and a deep understanding of local markets. Students in the Guanghua-Kellogg program will take advantage of this, as well as a truly immersive curriculum, to develop both personally and professionally.

Read more about the highlights of this program.

1. The students come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.


What is perhaps most notable about the inaugural class is the varied experiences of the students. The 34 Guanghua-Kellogg students travel to campus from as close as China, Taiwan, and as far as the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Russia.

Geography aside, they also represent a wide variety of functional roles and industries, working in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, finance, consumer goods, government and the arts, at organizations like NBC News, Caterpillar Inc., Ernst & Young, Polaris Asset Management Co. Ltd, Rolex, CISCO, the US Department of State and SAP.

2. Students enjoy a rich curriculum from both universities.

Faculty Teaching

Based at one of the top universities in China, this program lets students take classes from both Guanghua and Kellogg faculty. Students will receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) jointly issued by the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (USA) and the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University (China).

“The Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA joint degree stands for an education that is prestigious, relevant, and fundamentally international,” said Guanghua Dean Hongbin Cai.

Courses are split equally between those taught by faculty from the Evanston or Miami campus and courses taught by the Guanghua faculty.

3. They have access to the entire Global Network.

As part of the Executive MBA Global Network, students can also take advantage of week-long, immersive electives at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong), Tel Aviv University (Israel), WHU (Germany) and York University (Canada), as well as Kellogg’s programs in Evanston and Miami.

Students from the Evanston campus share their multilingual welcome for the new Guanghua cohort.
Students from the Evanston campus share their multilingual welcome for the new Guanghua cohort.

Stay tuned for more updates on the first Guanghua-Kellogg cohort and follow the latest pictures on Instagram using #GKEMBA!