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Students from Evanston, Miami, and the Kellogg Executive MBA Global Partner Network gathered for a unique immersion at the Evanston campus this past August. Global Network Week (GNW) brought together Kellogg students from across the world and gave them a chance to collaboratively learn from peers in an intensive academic and networking experience.

EMBA students shared their thoughts on GNW and what they learned from their classmates.

Collaborating with peers

GNW brings together students from seven campuses including Evanston and Miami, Germany, China, Israel and Canada. The result? A mosaic of peers representing a wide array of functional experience and cultural perspectives.

“Global Network Week allowed me to interact with other cultures and understand how culture impacts approaches used in decision-making,” said Tony Johnson, a student at the Evanston campus. “The experience has been one of the most influential and pivotal points in my life. Being able to work with individuals [from the Global Network] has helped me to cultivate a richer perspective in how to engage in business in today’s global world.”

Living and socializing at the Allen Center

Students enjoyed a rigorous class schedule punctuated by learning opportunities like career panels and speed networking sessions.

On their first day, students rehearsed their elevator pitches in a high-energy speed networking session. Toronto-based student Ellie Choi said the exercise helped her “present a useful and interesting elevator pitch and stay within my comfort zone.”  Later in the week, the career panel featured alumni and faculty who gave students advice for succeeding in a global career.

Every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner were served in the Allen Center’s waterfront-facing dining room, as well as coffee breaks and late night snacks for deserved respites from the rigorous class schedule. Students also had plenty of opportunities to socialize with their classmates, with barbeques, games and social hours scheduled between studying, homework and classes.

“It was a week of active learning that I took countless insights away from,” Allison Lehmann said.

Life-long network

A week of living and working with classmates ultimately leads to more than just a network; it leads to lifelong friendships that serve as a support structure throughout the Kellogg EMBA journey.

“[You’re] being put in an uncomfortable situation if you haven’t been in school for 12 to 13 years, but you’re in that uncomfortable situation with this group of people,” said Evanston-based student Lauren DeLuca. “That awkwardness and discomfort smoothes out really quickly as you bond. And you just rally together… It becomes a brotherhood and sisterhood.”

Tiberiu Toader, a Global Network student studying at WHU in Germany, was pleasantly surprised by how close he got to his classmates.

“When we do our group work, we’re in our roles: we’re competitive, and want to demonstrate that we’re good – it’s like the working environment,” said Toader. “But once we step out [of the classroom], we are super relaxed, we’re friendly. This is building a friendship and an honest network that you can leverage years after this program.”


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