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Kishore KakaniMy journey at Kellogg started in August 2012 with the intention to learn at one of the best business schools in the world. I was accepted into Georgetown and Maryland’s Smith School of Business, but I picked Kellogg over the others due to the program’s ranking and curriculum.

In retrospect, I am extremely glad I picked Kellogg. Going into the program I wanted to get more background experience and education in core business management, particularly in the operations area. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of talent in the various cohorts at Kellogg. I found myself surrounded with like-minded, success-oriented individuals who are extremely competitive.

The Kellogg EMBA program offers strong frameworks and helps make the analytical decision-making process simpler. It provides great tools to help enhance your vision of leading a successful enterprise. The strong friendships, professional networking opportunities, bonding and the strong alumni network this program offers are the best in the business.

The program emphasizes:

  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability to various challenges
  • Leadership

These are the core challenges that one faces in their professional career. Learning at Kellogg from your professors and collaborating with your fellow cohorts will prepare you for any challenges in your career.

I made some long-lasting friendships at Kellogg. Some of these friendships will extend beyond personal relationships. I am in fact partnering with a couple of my fellow cohorts and working on a business plan to setup a new startup where we are planning to integrate healthcare, IT (cloud solution) and data analytics. In short the goal is to collect patient information through innovative mechanisms, perform patient health trend analysis and proactively provide valuable information to healthcare providers that will help reduce overall healthcare costs. We are progressing well and are on pace with our overall startup plan and the business model. This is equally challenging, promising and exciting.

Going into Kellogg, I never thought I was capable of undertaking such a huge business idea. But the Kellogg EMBA program (with the help of various frameworks and tools), along with my fellow Kellogg classmates, gave me the confidence and the belief to become an entrepreneur and set a new career path for myself. Some of these frameworks are extremely powerful and have helped me think strategically and make good analytical decisions. For example, prior to joining Kellogg, I would have never used Porter’s Five Forces framework for my business startup or used a MESO framework as part of the negotiation tactics. These are extremely valuable to me and will help enhance my professional life.

The last two years, I learned a whole lot about business establishment and management. Some of the core courses (marketing strategy, foundations of strategy and consumer insights) and electives (innovation strategy and management, social dynamics and economics of competition) that I took as part of this program became the inspiration for my future and set the path for my professional career.

A Kellogg MBA is one of the best investments you can make for your future. A Kellogg MBA will immediately put your career on an accelerated path to greater success. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful experience I had at Kellogg. This experience has completely changed my personal and professional career and helped me recognize my inner potential and aspire for greater success.

Kishore Kakani is the President of Technology Experts, Inc. He enjoys world travel and lives in Clarksburg, Md., with his wife Malathi and son Nikhil.