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Last month’s Kellogg graduation ceremony marked a milestone for me as assistant dean: the first class of two-year students I admitted completed their studies and are going out into the world. I know what they’re feeling — as a Kellogg alum myself, I remember how much I grew and developed during my time in the program, both personally and professionally. In the 15 years since, over and over again I’ve seen firsthand the value of the Kellogg degree. It opens doors to new and incomparable opportunities.

Kellogg graduates walk away with an academic foundation and confidence that help them succeed in their career goals, whatever those may be. Being able to draw on the toolkit of skills that I built took me to a whole new level of navigating and achieving my goals. I pivoted from a career in commercial real estate into an internship at Proctor & Gamble, which led to brand management at General Mills and PepsiCo, and now to the admissions office, where I have the privilege of interacting every day with an amazing, talented and dynamic community.

The Kellogg degree sets you apart in the working world. Employers and colleagues understand what we stand for: collaboration, creativity, discipline and excellence. It stems from the ethos we foster at Kellogg, a pay-it-forward mentality and our belief in the power of teamwork. Students have so many opportunities to learn from each other and grow, whether it’s in the classroom, on a trip, through internships or simply by interacting with one another.

Our alumni exemplify that spirit most of all. The 58,000-member alumni network prides itself on its responsiveness and its eagerness to help one another. From the time they begin at Kellogg, people are so passionately engaged and have such a good experience that as alumni, they love to connect and further each other’s work. The relationships, friendships and drive to engage last a lifetime, at any and all intersections of your career and beyond.

That same enthusiasm for community extends to those who are interested in joining the Kellogg family. Contact our admissions office or find a local alum to hear for yourself how Kellogg will change your game — and your life.

Kate Smith ’98 is assistant dean of admissions and financial aid at Kellogg School of Management. Having built a 15-year career in brand management at General Mills, Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo, Smith brings extensive marketing and management expertise to Kellogg.