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Rama KattungaMost of my life, I have been a technologist with an ambition to lead large technology organizations. When you have big goals like that, you need the right tools to achieve them. To successfully achieve this goal, one needs knowledge beyond technology. The basics of business management through a modern global economy lens, delivery of this content by an experienced staff, and the power of networking across the globe are a few to mention.

This summer, I finished my Kellogg MBA at the Miami campus. Attending in Miami has really broadened my network. Collectively, students from Latin America, USA, Nigeria and other countries across the globe brought more than 300 years experience in banking, technology, consulting, healthcare and finance. Being able to conduct real business scenario discussions with these students and a skilled teaching staff was a phenomenal experience. Electives like Product Management in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Social Dynamics and Networking in Chicago delivered contemporary business scenarios in emerging technologies.

Of course, education without fun is not complete, and the Miami campus is a perfect environment for that. As a historian of the class, I had the opportunity to capture and consolidate the memories of my class. As one of my classmates said, the Kellogg EMBA program made us young and energetic brave thinkers!!

Rama Kattunga is a Technology Advisor and a leader in data and analytics. He currently lives in Seattle, WA, with his wife and three kids. When he is not busy with his family, he is busy with photography and motion graphics.