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Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Kellogg Leadership Awards! The Kellogg Leadership Awards are a unique set of awards viewed by the school as among the most prestigious awards an individual student can win.

Learn more about the student winners and about the record-breaking class gift:

Kellogg Leadership Excellence Award: Matt Zafirovski

This is Kellogg’s highest leadership award. It honors one graduating student who has gone above and beyond to have a lasting impact on the Kellogg community through his/her leadership efforts. This student demonstrates clear integrity, ability to inspire, communicate vision, build trust, and develop others.

Kellogg Social Impact Award: Dominique Harris

This award recognizes the student who has demonstrated outstanding initiative, leadership, and service through championing an endeavor that led to profound and lasting social impact.


Kellogg Innovation Award: Westin Hatch

This honor goes to the student who has led outstanding contributions and success in the area of innovation. The student has created or improved a product or process, applied a concept in a new way, redesigned a system, succeeded in an entrepreneurial venture, or in other ways displayed inventiveness at Kellogg or externally.

Kellogg Brand Ambassador Award: Camiel Irving

This graduating student acts as an ambassador, building the Kellogg Brand to the external community (city, national, or global), and demonstrates core values of Kellogg including collaboration, courageous leadership, and impact within curricular and extracurricular activities.