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Nnamdi Agbakwu, EMP-96

After 15 years in the technology space in various roles — from entry-level programmer to various leadership positions — I decided it was time to get different skills and new experiences. An Executive MBA would be a much-needed injection of energy and excitement into my career.

It was also clear to me that I needed some formal business training that would complement the strong technology background I had developed. Reading business books was not providing the type of satisfaction and clarity I needed to build the confidence I was used to in the technology space. Moreover, you don’t meet industry leaders, network with game changers, gain real work insight or learn about new industries staring at a book.

As I started trying to understand the intangible benefits of going to a business school it also became clear that the brand of the school and the network you build inside and outside the school are just as critical as the education itself. As a Chicago resident with Kellogg alumni as friends, the choice was not that hard.


Nnamdi Agbakwu is a solution architect in the Smart Grid Utility segment with Schneider Electric, where he has worked for the last five years. When he is not busy with his family, he is out biking and hopes to finally complete a 100-mile bike ride in under six hours someday soon!