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Andy Bollhoefer, EMP-98

Since January, my cohort has been immersed in several courses that have practical applications in our daily business activities. Whether it is applying a statistical theory to understand data more robustly, reading cash flow statements to value a company or analyzing one’s professional network, we have been studying many applicable concepts in the classroom.

When I came into this program, I never thought I’d be able to take away as much as I have and apply it to my work so quickly.

Our leadership and organizations class has provided me with the tools to analyze and manage conflict in a team setting and has allowed me a “peek behind the curtain” when it comes to persuasion. Both of these topics are paramount to my success in the business world; spending time diving into exactly how to implement this knowledge has already started to pay dividends.

Having spent time talking amongst my classmates, it is encouraging to hear them tell stories of how they were able to apply what we had just read or attended a lecture on in their professional lives.

Last weekend, I was involved in several conversations regarding a senior leadership project we have been assigned. My classmates told me how key figures in their professional careers were echoing the same concepts we were learning, as if they were sitting in next to us in class. We all had that “ah-ha!” moment when we realized that what we are being exposed to here at Kellogg will no doubt set us on the right track for success.

Although the ideas seem so simple at times, they are framed in a way that we may never have discovered on our own. Being able to take those invaluable lessons and apply them to what we do at work every day is well worth our time here at Kellogg. I know we are all looking forward to what comes next.


Andy Bollhoefer is a principal account manager and global field sales trainer for Medtronic’s advanced energy division. He lives in Chicago with his wife Jessica and dog Lucky. When he isn’t in school or at work, Andy enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors biking, fishing, and hiking.